How it Works:

Evil Corp is a fast paced and competitive 'Take That' style boardgame for 2 - 6 players with elements of Area Influence and strong Tactical Hand Management.

You play one of 6 Tech CEO's intent on 'saving the world', no matter the cost. The game follows the narrative of a real world CEO: 

  • Acquire an R&D startup
  • Complete your first prototype
  • Release your Killer App.

And by killer, we do mean killer, there are no CEO plans which don't result in some level of catastrophe for us mere mortals.

Why Did WE Make It?

We called our company Newbie Games, after the first British Publisher of Elizabeth Magie's Landlord's Game.

The Landlord's game was a realty and taxation game, specifically intended to warn about the rise of Georgism and how coming together in social co-operatives could offset the negative social consequences of these economic trends. 

On its Wikipedia page it is cited as the "inspiration" for Monopoly, which is just incredibly ironic, considering Monopoly celebrates the landlord and taxation as a means of leverage even to bankruptcy.

Since Magie created The Landlord's game in 1904 our world has embraced the toxic effects of Monopolism and we are now right at the apex of that trend with companies like Facebook and Google (Alphabet), Apple and Microsoft are technology behemoths so deeply embedded in the world they are basically locked in and will still be there when we get to the future...


The Savant archetype

The Savant player character will create a technology that lets us live forever if he wins, but of course, available only to the 1% that can afford it...


...What does that mean for Mike in 2046 who earns 40k a year? He gets a message from his insurance company:

Your indentured servitude has only 230 years remaining until you earn immortality: click here for benefits now.

Each of our player characters has a plan of optimism and hope that they tell the world but behind the scenes they are well aware that to achieve their goals they will have to sacrifice many people along the way.

So, our world is weird and only getting weirder, with no guarantee of security in the long term. Governments are the last mainstay of institutionalisation before the tech companies become the true infrastructure humanity relies on and our future's are defined for us. As the world gets weirder our game asks:

who's your landlord now?

game makers:

Evil Corp is a boardgame by Allix Harrison-D'Arcy and Alfie Dennen, with art direction and graphic design from Michal Ozorowski and illustrations by Liam Brazier.

Alfie and Allix both have a 20 year background in web technology, having founded and run start-ups, organised massive city-wide Art projects and engaged millions of people through activism.

Basically, we give a shit, and this game is a really fun romp whilst hopefully also being a subversive artefact to make people think a bit more about how much power the CEO's of our world now have over us.

Design Collaborators:

Sherry Ho, Rob Finch and Chrys Mordin